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13th-Jun-2010 03:48 pm
haven | 03 | nathan x audrey

Julian Sark/Lauren Reed Picspam Pt. 3
for jjverse

3x20 Blood Ties

Lauren: Sark, we can't do this procedure now. He needs time to recover.
Sark: Why this sudden concern for your husband's well-being?
Lauren: If he dies, he'll take the information with him.
Sark: Whatever petty feelings you have for him, they don't concern me.
Lauren: Please listen.

(Sark slaps her)

Sark: Please escort Mrs. Reed out of here. Now, where were we?

Sark: Don't move! Get on the ground! On the ground!
Lauren: You're smarter than I thought.

Sark: We're done here. We have her location.
Lauren: What about him?
Sark: Kill him.
Sark: They cannot have escaped.
Lauren: Sloane set us up. He betrayed us.

3x21 Legacy

Sloane: This is unexpected. And Unacceptable.
Lauren: Nice to see you too, Arvin.
Sark: We recovered three canisters of Rambaldi's fluid. They're yours in exchange for a partnership.
Sloane: I believe we've already made that mistake.
Sark: You have the passenger. We now have the fluid. What we are after is big enough for all of us to share. So what do you say, for old times' sake?
Sloane: What are your terms?

Lauren: Arvin?
Sloane: I'm so sorry. I've made a terrible mistake.

3x22 Resurrection

Lauren: When I went to meet your contact, Vaughn was there. He was your contact. You set the meeting. Did you give me up? It's okay, I would have told them too. Let me see what they're done to you. ... My mother's hired a lawyer. He'll be here soon. The only way we can get the location is if I tell him how to access your contact's information.
Sark: He backs up everything on an off-site server.
Lauren: Tell me you know the passphrase.
Sark: I do. It's a quote by Friedrich Nietzsche.
Lauren: "God is dead."
Sark: No, the other one. "Woman was God's second mistake."
Lauren starts to choke him through the bars.
Lauren: Thank you.
Sydney takes off her mask. Lauren's really Sydney.
Sydney: Voice modulator courtesy of CIA technical services.
Sark: This little trick of yours means Vaughn failed. Tell me, is he dead.
Sydney: No, he's not. But thanks to you, Lauren won't be so lucky.

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13th-Jun-2010 02:07 pm (UTC)
FINALLY!!! Love it bb ♥
13th-Jun-2010 02:46 pm (UTC)
yeah, i finally managed to post it lol.
thank you ♥
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